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Fall 2023 Events/ Socials 

We have had a lot of great Socials and Events for our members this semester. Take a look at our familia! 

No events at the moment


Carne Asada Cookout 
Perfect event to start the semester and socialize with new people. We loved seeing everyone there and we look forward to more fun events. Stay tuned!


Feed My Starving Children
In HBSA we love giving back to our community and this event was a wonderful opportunity to do so. Thanks to everyone who went and helped!

Cane's Fundraiser
HBSA is based on a supporting community  and this fundraiser was a perfect way to show that. Thanks for everyone that showed up and supported us!



Resume Prep Night
This workshop helped members take their resume to another level.  HBSA loves seeing their members grow in a professional way! Stay tuned for more professional workshops!

Day in the Life
Best way to gain understanding of how the real job world operates. The party bus was also a ton of fun. Excellent experience for all attendees.


Career Fair 
We enjoyed watching everyone interact and get to know these businesses better. The occasion was a huge success with many fascinating opportunities  presented!

Suzy Foundation walk
 HBSA adores helping people and giving back to the community. This was a great chance to accomplish it. We appreciate the support of everyone who went!

IMG_2873 (1).jpeg

Pie-in The-face Fundraiser 
We appreciate each and every one of you who chose to pie your favorite executive board member. Our familia is here for us, and we feel the support!

Karaoke Night 
Excellent opportunity to express ourselves and showcase our lovely talents. We are proud to state that we have some incredibly talented members!

IMG_0683 2.JPG

HBSA X SHEP Tournament
Even though we lost, we love to socials with engineers besties. However, they should be on the lookout because next semester we are taking the trophy back!


Tempe Town Lake cleanup
We place a high value on maintaining a beautiful and clean community, and this was a perfect way to achieve that. We appreciate everyone that took their time to clean!


Intro to coding X DISC
We at HBSA enjoy learning new things, and with the support of  DISC, we were able to gain a short understanding of what coding is. We enjoy challenging our members to try new activities!

Group Hike
Mental and physical health are very important so this was a wonderful opportunity for us to unwind. We hope that everyone who came had a chance to relax!

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