Our current advisors are HBSA alumni that have gone out to become a great impact in our community. They continue to give back to the organization by providing their time, attentiveness and expertise 

Dr. Loui Olivas

Dr. Loui Olivas

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Hometown: 4th Generation Phoenician

Degree & Certificates: B.S. Business Education, Master in Education, Doctorate Business/Education

Graduation Year/School: Arizona State University

Interesting fact about yourself/experience: Retired USAF, Colonel and Small Business Owner

Current Career Position: Professor Emeriti

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Outdoors

Why I wanted to be in HBSA: I was drafted by Professor Nelda Garcia, Founding Advisor, HBSA

Advice for being successful at ASU: Stay focused on your studies for 15 weeks, then begin a new cycle. Remember, you are the fortunate students that were admitted, and you represent the thousands of Hispanic Students that will never qualify for admittance to ASU—you need to serve as a role model for future ASU students.

Lydia Aranda

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Hometown: to be entered..

Degree: to be entered..

Graduation Year: to be entered..

Interesting fact about yourself/experience: to be entered..

Current Career Position: to be entered..

Extra-Curricular Involvement: to be entered..

Why I wanted to be in HBSA: to be entered..

Advice for being successful at ASU: to be entered..

Lydia Aranda
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Michael Garcia, MBA

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Hometown: Gary, Indiana

Degree: B.S. Business - Major - Suppy Chain (Purchasing & Logistics Management)

Graduation Year: 1992

Interesting fact about yourself/experience: Boxed Golden Gloves in college. Years later I took a job as Mike Tyson's sparring partner but my wife wouldn't let me do it.

Current Career Position: Operations Manager with Amazon 

Extra-Curricular Involvement: HBSA, Golden Gloves Boxing, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and did an internship with a U.S. Senator 

Why I wanted to be in HBSA: It had a family type atmosphere which I liked since I was so far away from home. Also, everybody was willing to help out each other out with classes and school so you could succeed. We all wanted everyone to be successful. 

Advice for being successful at ASU: Time management is critical. Also, try to be involved with as many things as possible. This will help you to get to know a lot of people. Because this will help you network more since networking is very important in school but extremely important after you graduate.

Edmundo Hidalgo

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Hometown: San Luis, Arizona

Degree & Certificates: ‘88 - Economics and ‘ 2000 - MBA

Graduation Year: Arizona State University

Interesting fact about yourself/experience: Establish your network at ASU and it will stay with you the rest of your life.

Current Career Position: VP of Outreach and Partnerships at ASU

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Love sports and love to travel

Why I wanted to be in HBSA: I was recruited by Dr. O and it was my way of giving back.

Advice for being successful at ASU: Whether you are a student or a Faculty /Administrator, ASU and most companies revolve around relationships. Work your network and never burn any bridges going up or coming down.

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