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Our Mission

The mission of the Hispanic Business Student Association is to prepare our members to be future leaders, serve our communities, promote diversity and create a progressive learning environment.


We strive for continued personal, professional, and academic growth, which occurs through education, experience, and leadership opportunities.  Therefore, we take great pride in supporting the achievements of our members and representing Arizona State University.


HBSA is committed to the continued development of its membership by providing leadership development and educational activities.  With continued support from the community, corporate sponsors, our university, and faculty, we will succeed in accomplishing our mission.

Our Objectives

To increase the number of Hispanic students who receive a professional degree.

To develop leadership and business skills among Hispanic students of all academic disciplines.

To utilize technology as a form of communication and education.

To promote Hispanic culture and provide social interaction among all students at Arizona State University.


Our History at
Arizona State University 

Organized in 1974, as the Chicano Business Students Association, the organization was renamed in 1979 and became the Hispanic Business Students Association. The goals of the association are to provide Hispanic students with educational opportunities, career options in business, and association with students who have different goals but mutual interests.

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