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Aguirre, Lexis

Business Management, 2021

Astorga, Ashlyn

Marketing, 2021


Baca, Raiannon

Business Law, 2020


Castanon, Maritza

Marketing, 2022

Castillo, Carla

Global Studies, 2020


Covarrubias, Frida

Business Law, 2022

Diaz, Alve

Business Management, 2020

Dobleman, Daniel

Economics / Finance, 2020

Dominguez, Boden

Business Entrepreneurship, 2021

Duran Lozano, Celina

Marketing, 2022


Espinosa Jenkins, Lucas

Accountancy, 2021


Flores, Cruz

Finance, 2020


Garcia, Jose Luis

Computer Information Systems, 2021

Garcia, Lilibeth

Business Law, 2022

Garcia, Oliver

Biomedical Science 2020

Griffin, Karina

Marketing, 2020


Haros, Daniel

Mechanical Engineering, 2022

Hernandez, Jacqueline

Business Entrepreneurship, 2022


Ibarra, Amy

Business Communication, 2022


Lopez, Juan

Finance / Business Management, 2020

Lopez, Jasmin

Dance Performance, 2019


Martinez, Melissa

Business Entrepreneurship, 2019

Mata, Rudolfo

Accountancy, 2019

Molina, Andrea

Marketing, 2019

Montano, Jacob

Business Communication, 2019

Morales, Kayla

Business Law, 2022

Munoz, Anahi

Business Communication, 2022

Munoz, Miranda

Business Communication, 2022


Ontiveros, Moises

Film, 2020


Perez, Catalina

Finance, 2020


Qixiang, Jay

Supply Chain, 2019

Quintanilla, Kimberly

Supply Chain / Business Sustainability, 2020


Ramirez, Estefania

Marketing, 2022

Rico, Guadalupe

Business Law, 2022

Rios Jimenez, Beyeli

Public Service, 2022

Rojas, Lizbeth

Business Law, 2021

Rollinger, Raymond

Computer Information Systems, 2020


Salinas, Tobi

Finance, 2021

Sanjuanero, Lyndelle

Business Communication, 2019

Sevmeno, Idalis

Accountancy, 2020

Soto, Brigitte

Business Management, 2021

Stern, Anna

Economics, 2019


Tizcareno, Giriselda

Criminology / Criminal Justice, 2022

Torres, Raquel

Business & Applied BDA, 2019


Valdes Cosilion, Valeria

Business Management, 2022

Villa, Sebastian

Marketing, 2022

Villagrana, Christopher

Accountancy, 2020

Gutierrez, Victoria

Business Management, 2021

Members of the month


Valeria Valdes

Valeria is a freshman at the W. P. Carey School of Business and Barrett, The Honors College. She is studying Management and is interested in film production! Valeria stays involved in this year’s banquet committee and shows dedication and love for our HBSA familia! Thank you Valeria!!


Laysa Esparza

Laysa is a sophomore at the W. P. Carey School of Business. She is studying Business Tourism with a minor in French! Laysa stays involved and shows leadership skills through this year’s Día De Los Niños committee and the Women's Empowerment Workshop. She is always positive, cheerful, and dedicated! Thank you Laysa!!

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