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Upcoming General meetings

Last semester, HBSA, the Hispanic Business Organization, continued its mission to empower students by providing valuable professional development opportunities. We hosted a series of engaging general meetings where we connected our members with top-notch companies. Here's a glimpse into some of the remarkable companies we had the privilege of collaborating with during the previous semester.


1st General Meeting

Spring '23 is headed to a great start! We met some new faces that now form part of the Eboard, but we also saw some returning Eboard members.

2nd General Meeting

Our members heard from our special visitors from Sherwin Williams on the value of bilingual professionals in the workforce. Along with numerous advices for their career path.


3rd General Meeting
Members had the chance to learn about a Latinx family's companies. It was a wonderful chance to learn more about entrepreneurship and to ask questions.

4th General Meeting
ADP provided members with a variety of significant and practical advice for making the transition from student to worker. We adore watching the professional development of our members!


DSC08231 (1).JPG

5th General Meeting 
Chief Admin. Officer and General Counsel from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Deanna Salazar gave multiple useful advices that we can all benefit from. We all learned the importance of time balance.

6th General meeting
We had the fantastic chance to hear insightful advice from NAIOP employees. They taught us all a lot, and we really appreciate the inspiring words they shared with us!


DSC08874 (1).JPG

7th General Meeting
We had the pleasure of listening to one of the former HBSA members, but he is not any member; actually, he is the person who came up with the idea for "La Voz." Hearing his helpful advice and insightful observations was a pleasure.

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